Click on the sphere to make it clear of what you’re supposed to do.

For you to win you must begin to solve for every clue.

So don’t despair or pull your hair, the clues will appear to you.

After each session, a true confession, a clue with much ado. 

To win the prize you must be wise and submit what the game is due.


Collect 9 code words and solve the mystery of the email address name in which to submit them.

As you explore the UNITE 2020 conference, attend breakout sessions, the general sessions, and review our products look for the code words and clues for solving the email address for where to send your list. Pop a cork and magnify to reveal what you are looking for.

Write down the code words you find, there are nine of them. They are numbered and you will need to submit them in numerical order. Write down the clues as you find them. They will help you solve the email name of where to send your list of code words.

Hint #1 – There may a code word or a clue at the end of each breakout session. Who knows and somewhere within the general session presentations.

The first to send their complete list to the correct email address wins!



Oculus VR headset


There will be one winner from each geographical region (APJ, The Americas, EMEA) plus one winner from our Partner community.

One Identity wishes you all good luck and please all stay safe!

Hint #2 – Explore the bubble below to find your first Code Word and Clue.


1) Have fun – its just a game 🙂

2) The first response to the correct mail address, with the correct clues in the right order will be declared the winner.

3) There will be one winner for each region; APJ, The Americas and EMEA

4) There is an additional prize for our partner community.

5) There is no cash equivalent

6) The prize is an Oculus Quest 2, and there are no alternatives.

7) If we cannot get in contact with the winner in 1 week from Wednesday November 11th 2020, then the next in-line will be declared the winner.

8) Judges decision is final – the judges are 3 One Identity employees.